Dr. Prabhita Chitsabesan20191217135456

Dr. Prabhita Chitsabesan

The needs of children and young people who come into contact with the criminal justice system; a developmental perspective Over the last decade, international studies have highlighted that young people with disproportionately high and multiple needs have clustered in juvenile justice syst...
Professor Bram Orobio de Castro20191217135913

Professor Bram Orobio de Castro

Taking perspective: How understanding children and youth’s self-views and their views of others helps to treat aggressive behavior problems Aggressive and rule breaking behavior problems place a burden on children, their relatives, and society. Early intervention with parents, teachers, and chi...
Professor Stefaan Pleysier20191217140245

Professor Stefaan Pleysier

Juvenile justice between rehabilitation and responsibilisation This contribution departs from a brief overview of the juvenile justice system and legislation in Belgium. The Belgian model is often referred to and described as ‘the archetypical example of a juvenile justice system based on welfare...
Daniel Rijo20191221081741

Daniel Rijo

The changeability of psychopathic traits in adolescents There is evidence that psychopathy is a developmental disorder, comprising a set of interpersonal (Grandiose-Manipulative), affective (Callous-Unemotional), and behavioral (Impulsive-Irresponsible: II) features. Psychopathy is considered o...
Dr. Tonia Nicholls20200109092413

Dr. Tonia Nicholls

The importance of Trauma Informed Practice in forensic and correctional contexts Trauma is defined as an experience that overwhelms an individual’s capacity to cope. Individuals with mental health and behavioural challenges, including criminal offending and violence, report adverse childhood expe...
Marianne Willard20200116145749

Marianne Willard

I will share my experiences as a mother with the care system in the Netherlands. What helped us and what did not? Expert by experience...

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